You had me at … DEADPOOL 2

You had me at gone-too-far-but-shamelessly-hilarious jokes, John-Wick-producer-induced action and them glossy red buns.

However far the first Deadpool went, this sequel reaches lands even further from human decency and manages yet again to remain hysterical nonetheless. Director David Leitch brings some wicked ass-kicking expertise and amps up the action sequences. A story that softly – but more cearly than the first movie – embeds Deadpool into the X-Men universe while making a great stand-alone at the same time.


Without giving anything away: this movie does include some X-Men and with that come flashbacks, rewinds and alternate timelines. Add the typical slow-motion and you will see violent and bloody fighting from more than one perspective. But you shall not be disheartened! DP makes clear from the beginning that this is a family film. Further exploring the hatred and bigotry against mutants by religious fanatics with the catchphrase, “Blessed are the wicked healed by my hand”, it does deal with the issue of seeking your own family when your “real” one neglected you.

And although this is a family film and a comedy, the characters have to deal with a lot of grief and finding their purpose. Ryan Reynolds is so good in this role, he makes the pain believable during the 2 minutes the movie reserves for serious moments. Josh Brolin aka Thanos aka Cable is the half-human, half-robot terminator with a serious 80s vibe who tries to take down DP’s new friend Russell (Julian Dennison). His dry determination and impressive high-tech weapons make it a blast to watch him face off with Wade. Prepare for a lot of broken bones and dislocated-arm neck chokes.


New characters like Domino (Zazie Beetz) and Yokio (Shioli Kutsuna) bring some different facets and OPs like Dupinder and Colossus show brand-new shades to their personality. Deadpool 2 also has really neat cameos and incredible post credit scenes. Staying till the end, definitely pays off. With celebrating the underrated music genre of dubstep, revealing new baby body parts and showing some love for Kirsten Dunst, this sequel is a worthy continuation of Deadpool’s childishness, charm, jizz and chimichangas.

You couldn’t possibly resist this face, could you?

pictures: via 20th Century Fox

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