You had me at all the years of brilliant MCU machinery lined up to collide in this spectacle of ultimate pay-off.

The Russo brothers present one of the best Marvel movies so full of spoilers that I need to fight my inner geek wanting to break through just like Bruce Banner tries to stop the Hulk sometimes. What we can tell you: the orchestration à la Feige with all the stand-alones and origin stories truly gets its money’s worth in this one. All the characters we grew to love together in one movie! Posing a new threat to them – and basically everyone – is Thanos, a determined adversary who wants to snatch all the Infinity Stones to be the impeccable ruler of everything.


Black Panther, Iron Man, Spider-man, the Guardians, Doctor Strange … I haven’t even scratched the surface of superhero goodness. The sheer amount of characters demands multiple storylines. We need to applaud the editing here because coordinating wildly different locations, time zones and emotional settings was done so flawlessly – never overwhelming or confusing. And neither did it ever feel rushed because personalities had already been defined, places had already been built. With that, the focus could lie on the story they needed to tell.

And what a story it is! Full of marvellous humor and well-written dialogue. Although they had so much to fit into this thing, there was still enough time for awkward pauses and frustrated silences. To anyone who is excited for this movie: get more excited!! With new toys and weapons, the action is amped up and so incredibly well directed. Despite having geek boner fireworks on the screen, you can definitely not expect blurred metal flashes à la Transformers.


In terms of acting, all the cast are bringing their A-game and we get the best of all their sass, smarts and sads. Marvel really knows how to learn from past judgements so here’s a headline: there are real stakes in this movie! You fear for Nat and Wanda and Okoye and you fear for the entire universe. The villains are GREAT and ice-cold, cutting-to-the-chase kind of fighters. Can’t wait to know what happens? You will have to watch this movie to find out their fates.

Uff, we made it! No spoilers! Finally, let me add:

Certain someones have talked about the “Avengers fatigue”. Well, let me tell you that there isn’t a speck of fatigue in my body after watching Avengers: Infinity War. Some of the best dynamics, visuals, most epic score compositions and combat scenes are ready for you to feast yours eyes (and ears) upon.


pictures: via Disney

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