Who dis?

My name is Leonie, 25, college student and absolutely in love with stories. In whatever shape they come, films, tv shows, books, games, comics or even good ol’ gossip. Anything that transports me into another world or makes me interested in learning more about different kinds of people is worth having a look at. That is why I’ve decided to start this blog. Along with my co-author Viki, I want to write about these stories, create fan theories, delve into conspiracies involving our favourite characters and spark our lovely readers’ curiosity. Other than that I spend my days mostly writing poetry,¬†learning Japanese and buying things which I don’t and will never need (I legitimately own about 100+ t-shirts).


I have been asked several times “If you could choose a decade to live in, which would it be?” But the answer to that isn’t as easy as naming a number and be done with it. If I had to choose a decade, it would be a severely modified version of the 80s. Because the 80s had some great music, art and fashion to offer. But I wouldn’t want to live without the medical advances of today (not those that we’ll have in the future, cause I’m terrified of A.I.s and nanobots and all that scary sci-fi robopocalypse stuff). Plus the social equality of all humans that we’ll hopefully have acheived in a decade not too far into the future. And a punk culture that won’t be reduced to the label ‘sub-culture’. That would be the decade I’d like to live in.

Viki and I have so many great ideas that we want to share with all of you. So go read and enjoy!

What do you think?

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