Reasons to love Super Junior’s ‘Lo Siento’

The music video to the title track of Super Junior’s current comeback has been released. Featured artist Leslie Grace joins the seven members for Lo Siento – a swanky, lively Latin- and Kpop fusion that’s deliciously heavy on the beat, with Korean, English and even a little bit of Spanish lyrics.

The song by itself is amazing. You can’t help but feel an dizzying mix of “alright, I can chill with this” and “Imma hit this hot Barcelonian street party tonight and take at least 3 honeys home with me”. And the video is really, really well done in terms of cinematography (let’s hear it for the ridiculous split-screen effects) but that was to be expected from that label.

There are, however, a myriad of things in the video that are for some reason or other just oh-so entertaining. Be it the dance moves, the style choices or the facial expressions, I appreciate this MV for it’s actually great, well-done content as much as for the unintentional comedy. This is the second kpop video reviewed here on the blog, so check out the first one about BTS MIC Drop, if you like.

Whether you’d like to watch the MV first and then read my far too long list of comments on it (which I reccommend you do) or you’d rather prepare for the hilarity beforehand and watch it after, either is a fine choice. But to follow along my reasons why I love Lo Siento, you should first know the members participating in this comeback:

W-p7K74cPkTRwLETze0fa_B_D0PHTsB5fhmvMX4ZrzEFrom left to right: Heechul (HC), Donghae (DH), Yesung (YS), Siwon (SW), Eunhyuk (EH), Leeteuk (LT) and Shindong (SD)

Now that that’s out of the way, let me get right into it. A more or less comprehensive, chronological list of everything that’s good and fun and silly in Suju’s Lo Siento:

  • If you take a look at the comeback picture above, you already know you’re in for a WILD ride as far as outfits go. Starting with HC’s shiny snake-print pants which are the first thing you’ll spy with your little eye in the MV
  • The camera operators and editors seem a tad more interested in the leading lady’s clevage than her face in that first scene, if lingering shots are any indication
  • Not sure if those are snowflakes floating around. Makes little sense considering their wardrobe and the rest of the MV. Might be dustflakes, which is still pretty but also kind of a health hazard if you think about it
  • Oooh colorful geometrical aesthetics. I do enjoy the contrast of the bright red and orage with their dark silhouettes


  • “How many chain-link necklaces does it take to film a music video?”
  • Woah woah woah, hold the phone. Are we getting a kpop video where the singers aren’t bleached into oblivion? Now that’s a revolution right there (Update: nope, they are just as bleached as ever, depending on the lighting. Welp, there goes that.)
  • Actually loving EH’s hair. Reminds me of Melanie Murphy’s form a few months ago that made her feel like an X-Men character, according to her.

maxresdefault (1)

  • The stylists put a belt made of roses on YS and I am beyond here for it. Dying for the soft, romantic emo aesthetic he has *cough* bias wrecker #1 *cough*
  • Another bold outfit choice that, unfortunately, backfired severely: DH’s combination of acid washed ripped jeans, a multi-colored flowerprint, over-length shirt over top of another, striped tee and a BANDANA WITH A TAIL? Phew. You win some, you loose some, I guess
  • I can’t help it, when SD is trying to be serious and flirtatious he just looks so goddamn creepy, like get that pimp-looking fucker outta there lol
  • Ok but those sets are just beautiful! The prop placement, the color saturation, the lighting, it’s all a joy for the eyeballs
  • The goosebumps at YS’s voice cracking on purpose as he switches between velvety smooth and higher-pitch passionate
  • Leslie Grace being a vision and then actually joining in the dance is everything I had hoped for….well, the Yeti coat is a bit much, maybe


  • With a choreography that incorporates the beat so heavily, you can’t really help but groove along. Can’t just be me jammin’ over here ‘lo siento, lo siento’ all attempted body rolls and shoulder shakes
  • Nooooot the biggest fan of that transition screen (the one with the speedy blue and orange lines) but Bish, fork me up with those dance moves right after!
  • SD sitting at the bar, sippin his appletini and wiggling his eyebrow like there’s no tomorrow hahahah!
  • Ok, I had to pause it on a shot of their dance formation with the red/orange background to appreciate the unholy awfulness of those outfits. Two are wearing see-through shirts (one with overly long sleeves that just has a decidedly seater-paw-cute feel to it but then also has his nipples out and I’m just confused as to what they were aiming for with that), one has a shirt with fringes on only one sleeve and what appear to be baggy velvet pants; Leslie just swinging her pony-tail in that blue Yeti coat and thigh high patent leather boots. Three of the guys look pretty normal, so I’m just here wondering what the others did to piss off the stylists.
  • Why does LT look so uncomfortably stiff when he’s in physical contact with the protagonist? Like, the editing of this part is rather unnatural anyway – what is that unnecessarily robotic pirouette? – but him barely placing a cautious fingertip on her shoulder and the little hop they do after is so hard to watch with a straight face. But I guess all it is is him trying to be gentlemanly
  • Damn, Ms Grace, those are some killer claws you got on you!
  • Not sure what the flower boots are representing or if it’s a mere style choice but I ain’t mad at it

happy joy GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals-source

  • Again, YS’s soft emo aesthetic is everything
  • What’s a body-roll? You don’t know. And neither do they.
  • Don’t you just love it in MVs when you clearly hear the singer give it his all but in the video he barely moves his mouth, let alone his face? Hilarious.
  • 2:36 – 2:56 is my favorite part of the song. Dat beat!
  • ….not-so-casual crotch grab
  • I always have and always will despise sensual fruit imagery.
  • Okay okay woah there EH, you need to chill with your bad self, bouncing on beds, locking eyes and hands and lips (probably) *cough* bias wrecker #2 *cough*
  • Well, someone in the editing team definitely went to film school! See the subtle mirroring of YS’s smokey voice in the actual physical smoke drifting over the screen? Such much style.
  • Why are her eyes hidden behind a colorful bar? Are they telling us she’s anonymous? Thus making it appear as though she might be anyone? Any…one? Any…fan, maybe? lol not the first time in kpop
  • inTensE sTAriNg riGHt IntO yoUr SOul
  • EH uttering the word “boo” in all seriousness has me cringing myself into another dimension, byee




  • It’s kinda sad that HC didn’t get to dance at least a little bit, despite his injury. I didn’t know he could rap though. Pretty cool … contrary to the very unneccessary thumb flick at the end.

So yeah. As I said, this list has become far more extensive and detailed than I had originally anticipated. Hope you enjoyed! The next thing I am really excited for with this song is their official performance or dance practice video.

Til then I think I might be watching this MV just a few more dozen times.
Woah nanana eh.



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