World Book Day: Most Anticipated Reads

Happy World Book Day to all you avid and sporadic readers out there!

No matter if you’re a fan of e-books or stick to the clearly superior choice of paper books, there are few things sweeter, crazier, more exciting, more heart-breaking and more enthralling than a good story. And that’s what we Scapegrace Heroines are all about.

World Book day

After a healthy afternoon of browsing and as well as my amazon reccommendations, I have ordered a handful of those inky lil’ gems and am now almost literally sitting by my mailbox waiting for them to arrive. Yes, I’m aware it is better to buy books in physical stores considering authors get paid less and less with the increasing emergence of thrid-party sellers but I bought almost all of them as used copies, so no karma points deducted there.

With that said, let me introduce you to my small selection of (to me) upcoming literary goodness and maybe you’ll find something you like.

The Dangerous Art of Blending In by Angleo Surmelis
I cannot wait for this one to arrive. Escapism and a character who struggles with his own identity and perception by others and *fingers crossed* a happy ending? Yes. I am so down for that.


Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli
I have recently had the pleasure to see the movie adaptation of this beloved YA novel -review is being worked on as we speak…or read…communicate via the written word? – and it inspired me to purchase the source book right away. Along with another work by the same author, cause it’s likely also a pretty good read. I’ll let you know more once I’ve actually thumbed through it.

The Power by Naomi Alderman
A sci-fi look at male/female power relations and their possible reversal on a global scale. I’m very intrigued. I came across this one through YouTuber Hannah Witton’s favorites video.

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green
Not a huge JG fan, to be completely honest. I did like the first book I read by him, which was An Abundance of Catherines, when I was 12. The Fault in Our Stars was fine. But I hated the movie adaptation of Paper Towns. I did hear this one was really impressive, however, so I’ll give it a fair shot.

Selected Poems by Frank O’Hara
Since O’Hara is my friend’s favorite poet, I wanted to check him out. Haven’t read any of his work yet, so I’m curious to see what type of poetry I’m getting myself into with this.

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan
Another one of those ‘read it before the adaptation comes out’ kind of books. Heard a lot of praise for Kwan’s work and based on what I have learned so far about this story, I’m probably going to enjoy it a lot.


Down and Across by Arvin Ahmadi
Teen angst, ennui and coming of age story wrapped into one highly anticipated novel. Along with the first entry to this list, this is probably the one I am most looking forward to. I haven’t heard of Arvin Ahmadi yet but if the book is as good as its reviewers’ sneak peeks so far, I’m sure his name will be featured a lot more in the future.

Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia
Another story about a teenager dealing with mental health issues – I live for this stuff. Judging from the blurb on various websites, this will prove to be an interesting one. I hope illustrations will be included, since the protagonist Eliza is a web-cartoonist.

There you go!
If you have the good fortune to reside in Vienna at this current point in time then go outside, enjoy the beautiful weather and RRREAD A BOOK~

Got any reccommendations? Leave a comment here or on our facebook page! Me and other readers will highly appreciate it.


Pictures: (edited)
The Dangerous Art of Blending In (signed copy)

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