Review: Girlboss Season 1

by Leonie

Last night was my first introduction to Sophia and the wonderful world of NastyGal. Not having read the book (yet), I had barely any idea what exactly I was getting into with Netflix’s Girlboss. Sure, I have read some reviews, mostly spoiler free ones, mostly negative ones, but I wanted to keep an open mind and positive attitude going in. So after watching the entire first season all in one night I can now give you my honest and unfiltered opinion.

And that is: …it was alright.


I know, not the most overwhelming review, but hear me out. I thoroughly enjoyed the soundtrack. There were some insane throwbacks in it, like Gold Lion by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (which, incidentally, I had on my mp3-player back in middle school).

And I looooved the fashion!! I’m a sucker for the 80s anyway, so those platform boots, flared pants and ridiculous shades hit me right in the heart. And don’t even get me started on that gorgeous, flashy jacket that the show kept coming back to. Heart-eyes all around (I am planning my next trip to the 2nd-hand store literally right now as I am typing this). And Britt Robertson can definitely pull off the eccentric style, even if she can’t run for shit in those 6-inch heels.

The story itself was interesting and being part, I guess, of the target audience of this show, I was taken on a sweet ride around San Francisco, which is one of my favourite cities. For the most part, the plot was relatively predictable, though not any less enjoyable because of that. And it had some great comedic moments too, like Sophia’s ‘sprint’ across the Golden Gate Bridge or when her pants ripped at a particularly delicate spot in the first episode. Slapstick-y, but funny nonetheless.


Unfortunately, the writing itself was less than genius, to put it bluntly. Quite a few jokes fell completely flat and often the characters felt unreal and overacted. Generally, the acting was fine; I actually am a fan of Britt Robertson. I just couldn’t help but find most of her emotional, mostly angry outbursts uncomfortably unrealistic. The rest of the cast remained rather unmemorable…or maybe it was really just the characters that seemed one-dimensional. I disagree, however, with some critique Britt received for playing the character ‘like a teenager’ instead of a boss ass bitch in her early 20s. I actually found the portrayal of that aspect quite accurate. Most 20-somethings I know, me included, would act similarly frustrated, chaotic, overzealous and fake-confident if they were in her position.


Girlboss wasn’t a show that changed my life, motivated me to start my own business or sparked my interest to join the fashion industry. But it was entertaining, sweet and an all-around lovely show. I’d even go so far as to claim that watching it might give you a bit of a confidence boost or kick your butt into gear if you’ve had a lazy couple of days weeks. It sure did for me.

But, since I have now been awake for 25 consecutive hours, it is time for me to hit the hay. Gonna dream of 80s fashion and 2010s attitude. Love you, in case I die.


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