OSCARs Fashion 2019

In Austrian television, the red carpet at the Academy Awards is not quite as big of a deal as it is in the States. There is a little bit of coverage on German tv but for the most part we are restricted to marvelling at snazzy suits and pompous gowns during the actual award show.

So thank heavens there’s the internet.

As you may or may not know, your Scapegrace Heroines have live-tweeted the occasion for the second time and it was a blast. Being on Twitter on such a momentous day means getting the scoop on all things red carpet and the fashion that’s flaunted there in real time!

Admittedly, I’m just as much watching the awards for the cinematic talent as I am for the fashion. The 2019 Oscars might be over, but come along with me on a little trip of reminiscence of this year’s Academy Award couture.


Billy Porterf0db9101-435a-4ddc-8637-3d4d26f5cf51-AP_91st_Academy_Awards_-_Arrivals

The flashiest, most memorable gown this year just happened to be worn by Tony award-winner Billy Porter. According to him, the decision to wear a gown (which was made of a stunningly soft-looking black velvet) was meant to spark a conversation about respect and self-expression. The duality of this suit & gown symbiosis seems like a luxury mirror of the high-class fashion and film world’s versatility. As a statement and as a look, it certainly turned heads.


Amandla StenbergGettyImages-1127141054

Have you ever seen a Greek Goddess in real life? Or, well, as “real life” as the Academy Awards get. Artistically draped braids and a floor-length gown that despite its subtle, understated colors screamed Old Hollywood elegance. A graceful look and a graceful appearance as she co-introduced Green Book – the The Hate U Give star is a gorgeous lady through and through.


Pharrell Williamsrs_634x1024-190224163148-634-Pharrell-Williams-Helen-Lasichanh-GettyImages-1127185244

Neither the face nor the attire reflect what we commonly believe a 45 year old man should look like. And kudos to Pharrell Williams for shaking things up a bit, sporting yet again a pair of shorts, this time with tennis socks. He looked damn comfortable compared to many other stars that night and next to a stunningly elegant Michelle Yeoh he still cut a fine figure. What can I say? It’s fashion, baby!


Krysten RitterAFP_1DU53Q

This angsty edgelord of the former Marvel Netflix-verse appeared on the red carpet a vision in burgundy lace. Looking fantastic there, Ms Ritter, in your dark make up and with that adorably prominent baby belly. The dress is classic, so is the hair do, but those glittering seams and extravagant earrings make the look pure glamour.


Jason MamoaGettyImages-1127184776

YEAH. MY MAN. It’s not every day that you see a burly bro in some dusty pink velvet and I am here for it all the way (everyone can wear pink, as him and his lovely wife Lisa Bonet like to promote). Heavily adorned with miscellaneous jewelry and framed by untamed dark curls, he is A PRESENCE. But even in this slightly pimp-y looking getup he still seems like a guy you’d love to share a cold one with at the after party. Not entirely sure why he wore a scrunchie on his wrist though. Fashion, I guess.


Emma StoneGettyImages-1127184770

It took Twitter about .3 seconds to compare Emma’s Oscar look to Aladdin’s Jafar and, frankly, I can’t exactly disagree, though the pattern of overlapping sequins reminds me more of a lake nymph. Hey, maybe she was just trying to simultaneously pay hommage to last year’s Best Picture winner and shine some spotlight on Disney’s latest live-action project. Odd choice, but she’s such a stunning talent that she can do whatever she feels like, okay?!
Viki’s note: “No, the dress is just ugly.”


Elsie FisherGettyImages-1131880292

My darling Elsie looking like a friggin boss in her no-nonsense suit and beautiful make up. Her adorable nature juxtaposed with the edge of her outfit makes her a truly day-time glamourous fashionista. I got so excited when she walked on stage – such a shame that Eigth Grade didn’t get more mainstream recognition. But just looking at her, you’ll know she’s gonna take Hollywood by storm someday. Also, I want her handbag.


Sarah PaulsonGettyImages-1131902796

Sarah Paulson is every girl ever who’s had pockets in her dress. Just showing them off the entire time, looking cool as a cucumber in this bright fuchsia (almost) two-piece. The bottom half and the complex bondage arond her waist look great. Though I’m not the biggest fan of the top half. Reminds me of a mannequin’s head sown onto a jewelry display like the Hollywood version of the Island of Misfit Toys … those pockets, tho.


Dashing dudes in dapper duds

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I just have to give a quick shout out to all the male celebs at this year’s Oscars who didn’t shy away from a nifty fabric or unconventional pattern in their suit jackets but still kept it old-school classy. Like John Mulaney and our darling boy Chris Evans, who kept the black slacks but added just the smallest hint of pizzazz on their top half. Or Chadwick Boseman, always one to go the extra mile with his red carpet looks (remember las year’s Met Gala?), who was seen sporting a scarf-tie on top of an asymmetrical jacket. big props also to Mr. Stephan James who came in a rusty red three-piece and snow white shoes. Way to go, fashion world, for allowing guys to change up the evergreen but ever there black suit ‘n’ bow-tie!


Melissa McCarthy91st Annual Academy Awards - Show

Of course you can’t talk about Oscars fashion without mentioning this bunny funny lady over here. Her walzing on stage in the most audatiously over-the-top regal frock, complete with bunny hand puppet, was one of the lol-worthiest moments of this year’s show. With her performance otherwise being rather toned-down, the comedy of her The Favourite-inspired get-up worked perfectly. A great way to shake things up during the awards and a great way to top off this list of my favorite Oscars fashion of 2019.


What are your thoughts? Did someone else stand out to you? Let us know!


several from https://www.vogue.com/slideshow/oscars-2019-red-carpet-celebrity-fashion#1

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