You had me at … GLASS

You had me at Mr. Glass, The Beast and The Overseer together in one room. 

M. Night Shymalan takes us back into the Unbreakable-universe once again and ends this trilogy with quite the smash. With all the best pieces of its prequels, Glass is another extraordinary superhero movie that grounds comic book themes in reality while tackling the supernatural.  


Based on the trailer, here are a few plot points that will help you get the picture: Mr. Glass aka Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) is kept in a mental facility. The psychiatrist Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson) manages to add David Dunn/The Overseer (Bruce Willis) and The Beast/The Horde (James McAvoy) to her collection. The plan is to make them believe they are nothing more than normal human beings. What could possibly happen if you put these three exceptional individuals under one roof?


Glass is undoubtedly a fantastic continuation of this original take on comic book movies. It is full of Shyamalan treasures and includes a twist or two. We get to revisit intriguing color schemes, unusual framing and off-center angles – all of which reflect the fragile string of truth that you know will be ripped and respun several times. Because that is what the man does! You think you know what’s going on but he will show you otherwise. And we love it. 

The performances in this are ranging from delightful to outstanding. Spencer Treat Clark returns as Joseph Dunn, gives off Barbara Gordon vibes and is a sweet tie-in to Unbreakable. Samuel L. Jackson reprises the highly intelligent but slightly deranged role of Elijah Price and he is rocking it with just a twitch of his eye. Bruce Willis finally gets more screen time as the stoic and determined caped hero – and seeing him in action is amazing! And still, among many great portrayals, James McAvoy manages to stand out even more. Get excited for an even deeper and more complex dive into the many personalities living in his character. It is truly mesmerizing to watch him switch between them in the middle of sentences and within mere seconds. 


Glass incorporates the contemplation about nature and the fascination for comic books and their history from Unbreakable, and the imminent threat and psychological exploration of Split – plus – adding poetic social commentary and discussing self-awareness and self-belief. The music is another element that elevates emotion and ties everything together. In certain moments, the score amps up the intensity to just the right amount so you can feel it resonating through your entire body and mind. Sincerely a wonderful experience that I would encourage anyone to catch while in cinemas. 

Shymalan delivers a thrilling, broody, poetic and emotional movie that has one hell of an ending. It is most definitely a worthy conclusion and inspiring piece of work on its own. Tell us what you thought after you’ve seen it! But remember: Mr. Glass always be scheming. 


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Pictures via The Walt Disney Company

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