Best of SDCC 2018

Dear fellow geeks, we made a list of the best panels, posters and presenations from the SDCC 2018 so you don’t have to dig your way through all the stuff yourself. Being broke students living on another continent, we can only talk about the material made available on the internet but that covers the most important things. So check out right here what you should watch on Youtube – like right now – and what you should be looking forward to!

Comic Con panels are always fun to watch because you can gain really interesting information on the process of creating whatever art the attendees are representing. In addition, you can really get a sense of whether the people up there are passionate about their project. Of course, everybody is there to promote and sell but I would claim that you can see real chemistry, real conviction for the greatness of their work. Whatever the end result may be, let’s never stop rooting for passion.

The Predator

The panel included director Shane Black, Sterling K. Brown, Oliva Munn and they were having a blast together. They talked about things such as women being able to pick up guns and not be rattled by the task of using them but rather just shoot and kill like men are always capable to do and other important, sometimes subtle “messages” that should be common sense by now. Black’s explanation of how he got the movie to be R-rated by simply explaining what a Predator does was quite fascinating – can you imagine a non-R-rated Predator movie nowadays? Huge shout out to Grae Drake who hosted the panel and is always a joy to watch. This is one of those rare instances where a continuation of the iconic franchise is more than welcome rather than frowned upon. But other than that – I’m always rooting for a good sci-fi monster thriller and this looks really amazing.  Check out the new poster:


PS: One of the audience members started a trend by asking the questions: Predator vs. Deadpool and Predator vs. Thanos. Personally, I think they would eventually defeat the Predator. But most importantly: Ripley vs. Predator. What do you think?



Talking about passion, Jason Momoa has to be one of the most infectious people on this planet. His excitement and love for this project are contagious. After more than 5 years of making this movie, we are finally getting more footage. The trailer for Aquaman starts out strong and promises everything you got to expect from the casting decision of the lead back in 2014. And the first image we saw: raw power, taunting humor, badassery and some astonishing visuals. The beautiful and amazing Aisha Tyler moderated this panel and it’s definitely worth a watch, just to see Jason freaking out. I will cautiously add that the ending of the trailer reminds me a lot of Justice League but I’m crossing my fingers that the CGI battles are done better in this one! Watch the trailer and tell us what you think:


Into the Spiderverse

We will throw this one in like a sweet little comic book nugget. Ever since the first sneak peek last December, we’ve been on board:

This is one of those panels where the people seem legit passionate and they described it like stepping into a 3D graphic novel. YAYUH!!



Can I throw in a quick appreciation shout out to events like the SDCC and any celebration of geekery in general? They make my heart race like nothing else and make me perceptible to new amazing things I would’ve otherwise missed out on. So, quite the opposite to the Spiderverse movie, this project had us cringe really hard when we learned more about it:

HOW THE TURNS HAVE TABLED. The trailer for Shazam is hysterical and Jack Dylan Grazer already more than proved himself to be a star in last year’s IT remake. With a serious The Tick vibe and Zachary Levi’s beautiful eyes and comedic timing, we cannot wait to watch this flick.



Warning: I’m gonna use the word fatigue here. We TIRED of these mediocre remakes. HOWEVER, this trailer had me screaming when a wild MOTHRA appeared. Or more like her wings. Holy crap. I cannot fathom my excitement for this. I want to see more of Mothra, so desperately. The original movies were such a big part of my childhood, the thirst is real. Based on this trailer, the story seems undeveloped but I’m gonna see this if only for 2 reasons: Mothra and Millie Bobby Brown.


Fantastic Beasts 2

If you have visited our blog before, you might have encountered my rant about the first Fantastic Beasts. However, I’d be a fool to deny my full-body excitement for this sequel. WHO would’ve thought they could get me back on the bandwagon. Let’s start with the panel: just watch it. It is informative, tempting, secretive, funny, sweet and magical with a huge suprise that will make you spit out your drink as if it were some Skele-Grow. Ezra Miller’s cosplay alone is a good enough reason to check it out:


Although I’m still not 100% on board with the story’s progression, this trailer is at least as delicous as a Honeyduke’s gift box. (In case you want to avoid spoilers: watch it now and come back afterwards). The moment sexy Dumbledore looks into the Mirror of Erised and sees Grindelwald nearly killed me. What a wonderful, romantic, tragic, bittersweet but loving tribute this pays to the beloved, “old” Dumbledore. And we’ve got some Dark Magic Santa action from Grindelwald, riding a Thestral sleigh. Fresh.


Wonder Woman 1984

First of all: Patty, Gal and Chris walking out to the WW theme made me fist-pump the air! Just like with most movies lately, the fear of the sequel curse was floating in the air, pressing down on the audience, which Patty quickly destroyed by saying, “I don’t wanna make more of anything for the wrong reasons”.  They described this instalment as its own movie, a new chapter for Diana, which enables them to bring Chris Pine back (definitely not angry about that). The people in Hall H got see a super early preview from Wonder Woman 1984 which has only been in production for a little more than 3 weeks and their reaction was nothing but celebratory. Plus, Gal Gadot’s smile will brighten your day.


EW’S Women Who Kick Ass

For a really well-spoken and educated discussion about identity and representation, check out this panel. Going into detail about what Chloe Bennet, Regina King, Camila Mendes, Amandla Stenberg and Jodie Whittaker had to say would take up an entire post and even more, so for now, I will keep it short. It still feels good to talk about this issue in a calm and peaceful manner, keeping hate and anger on the front porch in the rain. Keep the conversation going!


An Evening with Kevin Smith

And the perfect cherry on top, the essence of why Comic Con came to be is an evening with Kevin Smith. He is the ultimate geek, fanboy and simply the most generous and warm-hearted dude that will make you crack up like no other. The reason I wrote this list, the inspiration and excitement for all these projects are personified in Kevin Smith. Just like his podcasts and Youtube Channel, this panel could go on forever and I’d still enjoy myself. Thank you for the perfect wrap-up Kevin, we love you.


Honorable mentions:

  • Venom panel and trailer promise a gritty and dark instalment, Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed are both great, they also teased a Tom-off between Hardy and Holland
  • Dragon Ball Super: Broly – once a Dragon Ball fan, always a Dragon Ball fan
  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy – can’t wait to play this re-vamped gem again
  • Marvel’s Iron Fist: I’m one of 3 people who enjoyed the first season and this panel is all about screaming WE MADE IT BETTER OK?! I’m definitely giving it a shot
  • Riverdale started with a really good season 1 and then turned into a hot mess but this panel has everything you want: all the important artists, good teasing material, jokes and insightful answers

Thank you for making it to the end of this extensive post, we would love to hear your reactions and excitement about anything from this year’s SDCC or just projects in general that you look forward to! One day (maybe), I’ll be able to live-tweet from Hall H and cover everything first hand. ‘Til then, rest, my geeky heart.



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