Will gets a bag! Grace gets a bag! Everybody gets a bag!

Spoilers for Will & Grace, including the currently running season!


The revival of the beloved 90s show Will & Grace has hit our screens not too long ago and it is just as perfect as we all thought it would be. From the first second on, you are transported right back into the familiar setting of their apartment and all the fun and fuzzy feelings you had towards this show come rushing back. I absolutely adore the new season simply because it is exactly what I wanted out of this revival without it seeming trite, unoriginal or stuck in the past. Will & Grace addresses today’s political and social issues with no shortage of humor and sarcasm while keeping the show light and sweet. We have our wonderful quartet of Will, Grace, Jack and Karen who are as wonderful, hilarious and ill-adjusted to life as ever. And an entire line of other familiar faces make an appearance, including Jack’s son Elliot, Karen’s favorite nemesis Beverly Leslie and Grace’s great love and, in the new season, ex-husband Leo.

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There is so much warmth radiating from this cast through my laptop screen and the incredible wit with which the writers have juggled so expertly in the 90s has not subsided in the least. If you haven’t jumped on the nostalgia-train yet, well, what are you waiting for? Will & Grace swept me off my feet yet again. I have to confess, when I first found the show online – Austrian TV really didn’t provide much watch-worthy content when I was in my teens – I watched the entire show, all 8 seasons, within a month (I had school and was using the family PC, so binging was not really an option back then). And it is still just as much of a joy to see my favorite awkward New Yorkers and their complex friendships as it was back then.

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To celebrate the revival, we have teamed up with our wonderfully talented friend Sabrina from SABORKA – a fashion label specializing in bags, backpacks and other hand-made accessories. Together, we tried to figure out which of her products might best suit the characters in Will & Grace. NOTHING WITH POLKADOTS FOR GRACE, THOUGH!

And to add a little something extra for our amazing readers, SABORKA is offering a 10% discount on her online shop just for you!!

Without further ado, here are our picks:

Will likes the classic look. At least appearance-wise, he’s definitely the most sophisticated out of the core four. Usually, he dresses in simple, elegant, subdued colors and cuts. So, we have chosen the dark blue/black backpack for him. The design is minimalistic and can be easily combined with both elegant and casual outfits. Plus, the texture of the fabric makes it stand out in a very subtle way. If you’ve seen the latest season, you’ll know that Will quit his job at the law firm and started working for with Grace. Now he’d be free to wear a chic backpack like this one to work or even (as an upgrade to the ever-mocked man purse) if and when he maybe might be going on another date in the future.


The interior designer loves experimenting with fabrics and patterns, not always leading to the best outfit choices – much to Karen’s entertainment. At first, I had my eye on the silver clutch but soon realized that it would probably clash uncomfortably with her hair color. But then we discovered the obvious right choice: the red clutch. The color fits neatly into Grace’s often earth-toned wardrobe as well as complementing black or white outfits. The pattern on the outside is not only unique in its design but is also literally one of a kind, since Sabrina makes these items out of left-over material form her other projects. The inside is made out of a gorgeous, vibrant fabric and I think Grace would absolutely adore it.


Of course, we need something that screams Just Jack! A piece that’s flamboyant, loud and dazzling. An accessory that attracts attention and is a conversation starter. If you go through SABORKA’s Instagram, you’ll find such a piece right at the top. It’s an exciting new prototype for a bigger sized backpack in metallic turquoise with holographic straps. It’s not yet available to purchase but, much like Jack, it’s avant-garde and perfect for someone not afraid to make a statement.


For our beloved offensive booze-hound, my initial instinct was guiding me to a purse able to hold the maximum amount of prescription pills and flasks. But then I remembered the latest heart-breaking episode that dealt with Karen’s maid/best friend Rosario’s death. Though she’d never admit it, Karen lost a part of herself when she lost Rosario and her sun-glasses sporting, sassy, irreplaceable presence. I could certainly see Karen carrying those trademark glasses around as a memento – slightly morbid, yes, but isn’t that how we’ve come to know her? So, what better accessory to pick for this purpose than the faux-leather sunglass case with the green peacock-feather design? It looks luxurious and pretty badass with its zig-zagging edges!

It is safe to say that I will be watching and re-watching this show until the day the internet explodes. And if you have never set eyes on it, maybe we could peak your interest!

Either way, if we did tickle your curiosity-bone for SABORKA, check out her website and online store here and her Instagram here. Again, the special Scapegrace Heroine discount code for you gorgeous readers is: ScapegraceH10

And here is the title song for this beautiful show to get you right in that nostalgic, happy mood!

by Leonie
and photos provided by Sabrina herself

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