Over and out of October!

Our posting-marathon of October is officially done!

Thank you so much for reading & liking our reviews, lists and random thoughts and also for the love we are getting on social media. Your support means a lot to us!


We worked really hard to bring you a whole stack of great content this month and we hope that you enjoyed every bit of it. Because of our demanding work/class schedules, we will go back to posting once/twice a week, essentially, when we have a neat, new story to share.

Here is a masterlist of all Post-tober articles, jic you missed one:

Fantastic Beasts and what I hate about them
Review: American Vandal – Season 1
Blade Runner 2049: Miss or Masterpiece
Review: Hitorijime My Hero – Season 1
Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)
Persona 5 makes my Eyeballs Happy
Review: Margaret Atwood – The Penelopaid
My Favorite Movies about Music
Ranking the Lord of the Rings movies
Obsessive Fangirling – Based on True Events
Review: Stranger Things 2

If you’re interested in updates and random randomness, follow us here:
Twitter: @ScapegraceH
Instagram: scapegraceheroine
Facebook: Scapegrace Heroine
or you can follow us directly here on wordpress!


Again, thank you, dear beautiful reader, for making this October posting marathon an amazing experience. We will see you soon!

Love and November rain,
Viki & Leonie



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