Voltron trailer reaction

Yes! YES! I’m pumped, I’m so excited for season 4 of Voltron: Legendary Defender, the adorable, dramatic, thrill-inducing space-cartoon you didn’t know you loved and cherished until you’ve seen the first 10 minutes of ep1.

And the trailer of the latest season gives us fans a ton to look forward to! Here it is:

First, can we just appreciate once again how beautiful it all looks? Like when they call up the space map hologram at 0:06 or the explosion at 0:45. It’s gorgeous, it’s exciting and, most of all, it’s what we’ve been waiting for ever since we found out about the lions’ backstory and the re-awakening of the Big Bad.

So glad to see my favorite Paladin Shiro back in action as the leader of the pack making sound and crucial decisions as well as bringing the inspiration that the team needs in his (voice-over) speech – Josh Keaton’s voice though: *heart-eyes*
And we also get to see some other classic behavior from Coran, who’s just over-the-moon excited, and Lance, being his adorkable self from start to finish.

The fight sequences look great as always. We see lasers shooting through the starry sky, lions roaring and explosions-galore. Of course, we can’t miss out on some Voltron action, so I am curious to find out what’s the haps with that arena fight in 0:25. More fighting, naturally, also means more badass Pidge, whom I hope to see finally finding her family, and more Keith, looking intense and intensely handsome as always. By the way, have you watched his vlog yet? If that didn’t make you love him even more, you’ve probably already maxed out your love-capacity anyway.


The fans who ship Lance and Keith have been waiting for those two to become canon, so I am not surprised that they have analyzed every second of the vlog and are now theorizing to their heart’s content. I get it. And while I’m not a Klance shipper myself, I have my fingers crossed nonetheless, ’cause nothing beats the fandom-feeling of your OTP being canon.

However, I’m even more invested in the whole “Let’s rally everyone in this galaxy to fight the Galra” story-line. I want to see that event where the lions fly across the sky leaving colorful streaks. I want to see people cheering. I want all aliens to come together. I want to see the universe united under Princess Allura and the Paladins as The Voltron Coalition. CAN YOU TELL HOW EXCITED I AM? CAN YOU?

Another one of my favorite characters (though I don’t think I have ever not liked any of the characters in this entire show), Prince Lotor, is heavily featured in this trailer as well. Him and his crew aren’t as rash and imprudent as the rest of the Galra seem to be, so I am looking forward to some good scheming and plot-twisting like last season. Will daddy Galra King Zarkon return with full force? Will there be a decisive battle for the Galra throne between him and Lotor? Is someone going to form new bonds, find new allies? We know from season 3 that Lotor is not your average villain, so where will this story-line be taking us?


Moreover, voice-over Shiro mentions “turning the tides of this war”, so the tension is probably at a boiling point in the universe at this time. I’m confident Voltron and its supporters will win the war but watching our protagonists fight this uphill battle will be a nail-biter nonetheless. Plus, Keith deciding to “stop Lotor here and now”? Goddamn boy, you’re one determined fighter! But we don’t see our resident pretty boy with the rest of the team in this trailer. Which also explains why the black lion doesn’t seem to take part in the Voltron events. So what happened? The caption underneath the YouTube video notes that Keith “makes a choice that causes a rift between him and Team Voltron.” Things just get curiouser and curiouser.


One last thing (before I plunge myself into the depths of fan-made Voltron videos and art): dat sound doe.
In the beginning of the trailer it’s barely noticeable – aside from the glittery sound accompanying Lance’s spirit-fingers – but as soon as we see a lion fly across the screen it hits us with drums and intense, dramatic violins. And it just keeps building up, combined with a myriad of different laser sounds, until we see Voltron coming towards us at full speed and then the show’s logo. At this point I’m in complete ecstasy, every hair on my goosebumpy arm standing at attention, and I cannot wait for October 13th (which is a Friday, btw) when season 4 is released.

Voltron: Legendary Defender is so worth the watch, if you haven’t seen it already. Easily in my top 3 cartoons ever. So log on to Netflix right now and enjoy the first 3 seasons so you’re all caught up for October 13th and you can thank me later.

by Leonie



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