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Spoilers for all seasons!

Since we won’t have a new Game of Thrones episode this week, we thought we could soothe our desire by honoring our favorite and least favorite things about the show. Dive right into our Game of Thrones tag:

Favorite moment?

Viki: It is obviously extremely hard to choose just one moment in a show full of spectacular scenes but the one sequence that stuck with me over the years is the conversation between Littlefinger and Cersei in the first episode of season two. They have a little face-off and throw indirect verbal punches at each other which leads to Petyr saying, “knowledge is power”. Cersei counters by impressively proving that, “power is power”. I love this scene because it has awesome smack-talk and perfectly summarizes the show for me.

Leonie: Dragons being born. These adorable, tiny pets that climb onto Dany’s sholder were just so unexpected in that moment. I haven’t read the books and haven’t seen any spoilers at all for the show before I started watching season 1 so dragons were something I would have never guessed to see. Not only was that the symbolic start of Daenerys’ journey to badassery but once you see these three cute lizards with wings you know it’s only a matter of time before epicness ensues. And boy, did it ever!

Favorite death (scene)?

Leonie: Like so many other annoying and vile characters on this show, Lysa Arryn deserved to die. Just seeing the realization in her eyes that the supposed love of her life has betrayed her right before she plummeted to her death was exquisite. To me she was one of the few characters on this show that had absolutely no redeeming qualities, so no love lost there.

Viki: One of my all-time favorite characters and a fan-favorite: Oberyn Martell. Having one’s head crushed like a melon has to be one of the most gruesome and surprising deaths on the show.

Who would you still want to be alive?

Viki: I think Benjen Stark has really been sold short in the show. Up until season seven’s Beyond the Wall, I was hoping (and I know that’s the act of a fool) to find out more about him and his time north of the Wall. Well, that ship has sailed.. or horse has galopped away, not willing to carry two people?

Leonie: Oh boy. So many to choose from. I’ve made my peace with most deceased characters like Ned or Margery. And if some of them were still alive, the protagonists whouldn’t be the people they are now with the stunning journeys they have had to go through. But it was the most heartbreaking moment of the entire show when Myrcella died. To be honest, I could have done without the whole Sand Snakes storyline and would have much rather seen the accepting (!) relationship between Jaime and his daughter develop. And I still wonder what kind of interactions would have taken place between the grown-up, much more interesting Myrcella and Cersei.

Favorite/best plot twist?

Leonie: The first episode of the latest season got me good. Especially when Walder Frey went on another killing spree but then it’s actually Arya. My mind was blown!


Viki: My pick is from the very first season because everything seemed all the more shocking back then. Whereas now, experienced viewers know to be ready for anything. Littlefinger betraying Ned (and sealing his fate) in the season’s finale had me punch a pillow and fall in love with the show and the MVP Petyr B.

Which house are you in/would like to be in?

Viki: The house that allows the laziest, most irrelevant personalities (or so they seem). I’m neither the smartest, the bravest, nor the most cunning person so probably House Tarly. House Tyrell would be my dream choice because of the beautiful gardens, the family wealth, and the total badass Olenna teaching me things.

Leonie: The house I would be in is probably Martell, you know, hanging out on my quaint, beautiful peninsula enjoying the finer things in life. But the house I would like to be in is Lannister. It might seem like a crazy choice but the house that always pays its debts is hands down the most interesting one in all of Westeros. Don’t get me wrong, I friggin love Targaryen, I think it’s my favourite out of them all. But there’s just something about the cunning, intelligent, completely unlovable-and-yet-so-dear-to-me Lannisters. Plus, like Viki said, the total badass Tywin teaching me things.

Favorite battle?

Viki: This is a tie for me between the Wildlings attacking Castle Black and Daenerys cooking the Lannisters and Tarlys alive in the Spoils of War episode. The first one I loved because of the climbing scenes, giants and Ygritte dying in a heart-wrenching sequence. The second one was simply beautifully shot and edited, perfectly capturing the devastation of dragon fire, Bronn’s heroism and Tyrion’s dreadful sidelining, worrying about his brother.

Leonie: Oh shit, I forgot about the wildling battle. Yeah. That was dope. And I really wasn’t that invested in Ygritte either. And it was completely in tune with wildling behavior that they wouldn’t wait outside any gates or be properly received by the Night’s Watch but instead unheralded and with full force overran Castle Black which resulted in a chaotic, fast-paced clash of crows and northerners. A battle I would like to learn more about through the show though is the Battle of the Trident which happened quite some time before season 1 and involved everyone’s new favorite lady lover Rhaegar.

Most shocking scene?

Viki: The Red Wedding is widely seen as one of the most (if not the most) shocking thing happening on a TV show. This episode left me emotionally crippled and I could not continue to watch – or even talk about – Game of Thrones for THREE MONTHS.

Leonie: The most shocking scene for me was Oberyn’s death scene. While everyone saw it coming that he was going to lose this fight against Gregor Clegane, I did not expect that level of gore. Actually watching a man’s eyes being squeezed into their sockets and then his skull split in two was one of those moments where every fibre of my being recoiled and yet I was unable to take my eyes off of it. What a horrific feeling.

Favorite season?

Leonie: Season two was probably what got me hooked on the show. In terms of character development it was the most intriguing and the plot had me grip the edge of my seat throughout. Theon’s betrayal of his quasi family, Renly’s murder by a shadow demon, Valar Morghulis, every part of the story was so well developed.

Viki: My answer has to be season two because it had incredible dialogue, exciting stakes, and let some of my favorite characters shine.

Who should sit on the Iron Throne?

Viki: No one. There should be no Iron Throne in the end. But that’s cheating so if I really have to choose, I would probably go with Sansa. She seems like the only person right now who would be fair but also ruthless enough to go through with brutal punishments.

Leonie: Well, according to lineage either Stannis or Joffrey but fuck that. You know who SHOULD? Renly. He was perfect for the role. Margery would also have been a great choice I’d say. And they would have been king and queen at the same time so there. But they dead so…..Daenerys? I dunno.

Favorite music piece?

Leonie: dun dun dudu dun dun dudu dun dun dEEEE deee dede dEEE deee….or something by Ed Sheeran pffffffhahahahahahaha.

Viki: The Rains of Castamere is not only the perfect musical fit for a wedding killing off the best family in Westeros, it is a beautiful song on its own. Well done, Sigur Rós!

Best episode?

Viki: The Mountain and the Viper is a ride through and through and has some of the best moments in Game of Thrones history: the Boltons making their move on Winterfell; Dany sending away Jorah; Sansa lying to protect Littlefinger; Arya breaking out in laughter after arriving at the Eyrie and finding out her aunt just died and, again, only just missing the opportunity of a reunion with a family member; Oberyn seeking revenge for his sister Elia, fighting for Tyrion and ultimately losing the trial by combat.

Leonie: Kill the Boy is one of the best episodes in my opinion. It is a well-flowing melange of exciting action, pivotal decisions and quiet moments. And some side characters that I like, such as Podrick and Jorah, get some more screen time as well as my favorite protagonists Dany and Tyrion.

Where would you like to live?

Leonie: Dragonstone or Riverrun, something not too hot and by the water, preferrably with cliffs.

Viki: Matching my dream house Tyrell, I would like to live in Highgarden with its beautiful gardens and lemon cakes for days.

What would you rather have as a pet: the Mountain, a direwolf, a dragon or a White Walker?

Viki: I gotta pick the wolf because it’s the closest to a dog and I luv dogz.

Leonie: Same. Direwolfs are badass, yo. One word and they’ll bite your enemy’s face off. Just like a real dog, I imagine, never had one though so I’m not sure.

Favorite character (who’s still alive)?

Leonie: Podrick and Gendry. Podrick because he is quite simply the best person ever. And Gendry because a) I love the actor, b) I hope he still has a part to play in the bigger story like he did before (blood, leeches, Lord of Light, helping Arya, being a generally great character) and c) I have waited for FOUR SEASONS to see that beautiful face again after he sailed away on that nutshell of a boat.

Viki: Littlefinger and Tyrion were my favorites from the beginning but both have been rather side-swiped in the past couple of seasons. And since Petyr is no more, my honorable mentions go to Cersei and Podrick.

Least favorite character?

Viki: Shae started as a witty woman who seemed like the right person to stand beside Tyrion, understanding the game of thrones and being smart enough to follow the rules. Well, she turned out to be quite different, didn’t she?

Leonie: Joffrey that little fuckwit. He killed a prostitute with a goddamn crossbow! Lysa is also pretty high up there (no pun intended). Or Daario. I liked the first actor and how the character was initially kind of a wild card but he morphed into a boring obedient sucker.

Favorite villain?

Leonie: Tywin has to be at the top of my list. Significantly more intelligent than most of his opponents (Olenna not included), authoritative in his work, his house, his family, experienced in battle – pyhsical and verbal – and oh so evil. The things he did to Tyrion are unforgivable. Which naturally led to his demise.

Viki: The term villain is hard to associate with an entire person since everyone has some dark shades to them. However, Ramsay Snow had so much joy with hurting people that he fits this category really well. Plus, he was entertainig as hell.


Could you survive the Game of Thrones?

Viki: Depending on who I’m playing: still nope.

Leonie: Well, looking at the characters I’ve supported so far I would have died pretty early on. But that might be a virtue in the case of GoT.

Best/worst dressed?

Leonie: Oberyn, Renly, Cersei, Margery and Dany. While all of their styles illustrate their personalities and are considerably different from oneanother, they are all snazzy as hell. Arya looked very unfortunate while travelling with the hound and Gilly is wearing burlap and that is difficult to pull off for anyone.

Viki: Petyr Baelish always looked polished, as did Margery, Oberyn and Renly (that crown!). Arya and Sam were pretty unlucky and dressed with what they were able to get.

What have you learned or thought about long after watching it?

Viki: If anything, it taught me to appreciate good writing and character development and motivated me to try the same with my own writing. One day, I want to be able to change someone’s mind about a character 180 degrees and, in the best case, several times over. The emotional roller-coasters I’ve experienced on the show are something I strive towards in my stories as well.

Leonie: Which dragon is which.

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