Kissing on TV, oh my!

by Leonie

Kiss me, beneath the milky twilight….

It’s that time again, when songs like that might be stuck in your head for an unholy amount of time. No, not Valentines Day. Today’s International Kissing Day! So happy kisses to you, dear readers. What follows is a compilation of my favorite televised smooches. Give back some love by letting us know your loveliest kissy-faces!


1. Pacey and Andie (Dawson’s Creek)


This has to be one of my all-time faves and not just cause I was in love with Pacey for the entirety of my high-school sophomore year. So when these two love-birds share their first kiss after almost breaking up, of course I was beyond giddy. That whole episode was just heartbreaking. So when Andie told Pacey that she thought he was brilliant and they started dancing on the moon-lit pier, kissing was inevitable. Though I have to say, it’s really not the prettiest kiss out there and the music is a tad schmaltzy even for me.


2. Eva and Chris (Skam)

Maybe it’s that ‘secret’ aspect of it or maybe it’s because these two characters are just so darn gorgeous, but this one had to be on the list. It’s not particularly romantic and absolutely nothing good comes of it. But it is a completely quiet moment. There’s no action, no music, no side-characters, just existence. And as an audience member you can get as lost in the moment as those two.


3. Isak and Even (Skam)


Let’s move on a bit in the Skam timeline to season 3. You can ask any, literally any fan of Skam who the best couple is and hands down they will tell you Isak and Even. They’re adorable, they belong together and their love needs to be protected. Their loveliest kiss, in my opinion, isn’t their first one and it isn’t their most passionate one. Instead, I enjoy that little, loving kiss they share when they’re simply hanging out in bed, all cuddly and comfortable in their hoodies and blankets. Date goals, tbh.


4. Emma and Captain Hook (Once Upon A Time)


Ok, so this is a tricky one. I am not a fan of the show anymore, haven’t been for a long time. But when I read that a kiss between Emma and the most charming pirate in all of Neverland was happening, I tuned back in and I was not disappointed. I have heard that the anticipation was pretty great among long-time followers of the show, and they were rewarded with one of the most passionate kissing scenes of the fantasy genre (on tv at least).


5. Buffy and Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

While Willow and Tara might be the sweetest couple on the show, my favorite kiss has to be the one between Buffy and Spike, the bleach-blond baddie, at the very beginning of their romance (or whatever you want to call that mess). That heated, careless, destructive kiss that literally shattered walls and sparked what will be known as the most unhealthy of relationships in the entire show…and that’s saying something.


6. Klaus and Caroline (The Vampire Diaries)

Geez, this whole list sounds like a 14-year old’s dream of semi-terrible tv dramas. I swear, I also watch quality shows!! But man, Klaus is one of the best villains in all of television, in my opinion. Especially in the beginning when he was still the big bad, always 5 steps ahead of everyone and whose insecurity and vengefulness drove him to unimaginable cruelty. But in Caroline he found a companion with whom he would have liked to share the rest of his immortality. So even more painful is this kissing scene since it only happend as the result of a deal that they will never see each other again.


7. Rae and Finn (My Mad Fat Diary)

To round off this collection of what many people would classify as the ‘cringe-a-palooza’ of television, I give you the most tooth-ache inducingly sweet tv couple I have ever seen (at least until season 3, that is). However, I cannot and will not decide on a specific scene because every single one of their kisses is perfect and, to use Andie’s words, “brilliant”.


There you have it. I probably forgot a bunch of great kisses but, hey, International Kissing Day will surely come around again next year. Now go forth and suck somebody’s face!



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