Thoughts on The Sheroic Podcast

by Leonie

A few nights ago, Cassey Ho, health/fitness guru, YouTube star, designer and business-woman, has announced her next big project: The Sheroic Podcast.


Together with Lisa Bilyeu, her very good friend and “fellow female entrepreneur”, as Cassey writes on blogilates, she will be talking about the side of her life which, so far, has been happening largely behind the scenes. And that side is business. Cassey and Lisa want to introduce their audience to the wonderful world of being a self-starter, handling a career and reaching goals in the face of competition.

Throughout her many (and I do mean MAAAAANY) YouTube videos, we have gotten to know Cassey as the lively, energetic and warm-hearted fitness instructor who will have you happily do squats until your legs give out. But alongside those types of videos she has also shown us glimpses into her life through cooking videos, self-help talks and other project announcements. Over the course of her unbelievably inspiring rags-to-riches story as an online blogger/vlogger she has touched millions of fans’ lives. Her YouTube channel is currently at almost 3.8M subscribers and I, myself, have been following this bubbly lady since twenty-friggin-twelve! Getting to see how she built this empire and hearing these two ladies talk about the good and the bad of all things business is very intriguing.


Really excited for this podcast, I will certainly be watching the first episode which is coming out June 21st on iTunes and Stitcher. Read more about it here or, if you want a little teaser for this endeavour, head on over to YouTube and watch Cassey’s announcement video titled “5 Honest Ways to Get What you WANT in Life!”

Best of luck to Cassey and Lisa!


What do you think?

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