Uncharted movie with Tom Holland

by Viki

Sony is planning on finally realizing the idea to adapt the beloved Uncharted gaming series into a movie. About Nathan Drake’s teenage years. With Tom Holland.


Deadline reported that Tom Rothman (Sony’s chief) apparently had all the feels for Holland in the up-coming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie so he decided to shape the Uncharted franchise around him. If that means that Sony will change and re-pimp certain things to make it more suitable for Holland and not desperately try to make an exact copy of Nathan Drake: That doesn’t sound too bad. That actually sounds exciting!

The simplicity of the story is what makes fans wonder why an adaption has not happened yet but I say it is exactly the simplicity that kept it from the screens. Anyone who played the games knows that Nathan Drake is just a slightly different Indiana Jones. Which, obviously, is no less badass. Releasing a movie with a very similar premise would be crushed for trying to rip off Indi so there has to be a really good script. Besides, those simple, easy-to-follow, cheesy, action-adventure flicks don’t happen anymore (unfortunately!). Cineasts and movie enthusiasts are spoiled with complexity and depth. A fun but one-dimensional treasure hunt would be deemed boring, underwhelming and unambitious.


Also, the current momentum of comic book movies is so strong, many movies (or scripts) get buried underneath its trail of destruction. To put Holland on board with all his comic book fandom is a pretty smart move to help Sony climb that mountain. And let’s not forget that video game adaptions have been nothing but atrocious over the past decade. They were so bad, I’m starting to question if it is even possible to make good ones? Fans/players are investing so much more time in character development and world building while playing the game, they have a much closer connection to the protagonist and the universe around them. Comprising hours and hours of game-play to a 90-minute summary can be a really difficult task to manage. The only way to get this project to gross (some serious) money is through casting big names in the industry. Granted, Holland is not the biggest name yet but I have a feeling that his Spider-Man will spin a net of big, well-paid contracts for the future.

My personal thoughts on Tom Holland: He cute, he funny, he sassy. He could fit the younger Nathan we got to know in Uncharted 3. I don’t see a complete match because he seems too sweet but like I’ve mentioned before: Sony does not have to replicate Nathan to a T. More so, they shouldn’t because it’ll never work out. Be ballsy, Sony! Take the brilliant character of funny, heroic, arrogant, sweet, courageous and smart Nate and let Holland’s personality compliment him.

Focusing on Nathan as teenager: I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. Sony is obviously planning to create a franchise – origin stories, we know the drill. However, I doubt that they would let Holland go after one movie and focus on the adult Nate after that. Which means more movies with more teenage Nate/Tom and that I’m not sure I want to see. The Uncharted franchise is about more than great adventures all over the world. It is also about the struggles of adulthood, love, parenting, friendship, family, finding one’s place in the world and it would be a shame if we will never see those on the screen.


This announcement came as a surprise but I can actually see it work, if they choose to make a new version of Nate. I’m not totally on board with Holland but I am willing to be silenced. But you guys! We’re finally (hopefully) getting an Uncharted movie! How exciting is that? At least announcing-The Incredibles 2-exciting. What do you think? Tell us in the comments!


Just for fun: Here’s my little list of fan casting characters from the 3rd game instalment

Nathan – Nolan North (he IS Nathan)

Sully – Viggo Mortensen (I think he can pull off young AND old Sully – with some make up)

Charlie Cutter – Jason Statham (I cannot think of anyone better)

Elena Fisher – Simone Missick, Charlize Theron

Chloe Frazer – Maggie Q

Katherine Marlowe – Helen Mirren, Viola Davis

Talbot – Mads Mikkelsen (just because I want to see more of him)


photos: http://ew.com/gallery/comic-con-2016-marvel-studios-portraits/ 


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