The Defenders trailer thoughts

by Leonie

We are excited. Nay, we are pumped. Nay, we are stoked! When Viki and I first saw the official trailer for The Defenders and we’re all but jumping around our respective flats like rubber balls injected with adrenalin and a healthy dose of wonder. Wonder for this superhero collective and what Netflix has chosen to do with it (or at least what we could see so far).


I haven’t been able to decide which one of the Defenders is my favorite ever since I saw Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage for the first time (sorry, Danny, you’re out of the running). Having seen this trailer just about a million times by now, I am reminded of all the things I love about these characters.

Jessica’s sarcasm, willpower and general badassery.
Luke’s charm, no-nonsense attitude and good heart.
Matty’s level-headedness, wit and unparalleled adorability.

Even Danny shows some spunk when he, due to his trademark naivité, finds himself in a stand-off with Monsieur Cage (that’s French for Mister Cage, if you couldn’t tell). And how hilariously lovely is that moment when Luke has the exact same reaction that Claire had when Danny proclaimed his “immortal Iron Fist” status. We are so excited to find out where this duo’s storyline is headed. Tension, suspicion, almost hostility between Luke and Danny from the get go? Sign me up! Such an unusual pairing – they are both good, through and through, but in many ways they’re the exact opposite of one another, not least in that they represent the ‘unstoppable force meets immovable object’ paradox – can hopefully bring about a great, multi-facetted friendship.


And then we have these other lovely folks, Matty and Jessica. The way they initially meet makes a lot of sense, which, purely from a storytelling p.o.v., I grately appreciate. I want to know more: How did their collaboration even come about? How did Matty get involved with this case? Who was involved in Jessica’s case? Who’s blood is on her face in that interrogation room? And how does Misty fit into it all? Are we going to see Foggy working with Matty again? Or are the Defenders going to keep everyone who’s not directly involved out of the loop (except for Claire of course)?

Another part of this trailer that made me very excited to see is that apparently Netflix and Marvel also wish to tell and flesh out the characters’ own storyline even more. This is particularly obvious with short flashes of Jessicas continued issues with alcoholism or Luke and Claire’s relationship.

My hope is for the story to spend some time developing their friendships and roles within the team before jumping into undoubtedly mind-blowing action and fighting. We cannot wait to find out how the Defenders are able to work together as a team and what their respective relationships with each other will look like.


Oh, oh, let’s not forget: They are fighting in THE WAR FOR NEW YORK! Like, hot damn, those stakes are high!

This trailer was just all-around perfect. We see some old friends returning, an anti-gravity action sequence, there’s the obligatory hallway fight and can we give a round of applause to whoever chose the grungiest of all bands for the background music?

Mark your calendars, ladies and gents, August 18th will break Netflix’ watching records.

Watch the trailer here:


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