Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer reaction

by Viki

(SPOILER WARNING for previous episodes)

We knew it was coming and yet I wasn’t ready for it. The wave of emotions I experienced while watching this, I can only compare with the feeling when I really really want a chocolate cake on a Sunday evening and by some awesome force of nature happen to have all the ingredients I need at home. If you don’t get excited by this, I would say you don’t like Star Wars. Which is fine but I wouldn’t recommend reading this if that was the case because I am going full on Nicholas-Sparks-novel in this text.

I feel like this will be a revealing moment for my softer side and this is maybe an appropriate setting to make a confession. I joined the Star Wars party really late. We’re talking Episode III-late. Revenge of the Sith was the first movie I ever saw of the franchise. One can imagine my reaction: not having spent 6 movies to build knowledge and actual attachment to any character, I deemed it boring. However, I returned to it the next day and then the next and started to feel excitement when Obi Wan cut off Anakin’s limbs. And just like Anakin was grilled alive, I felt a fire start inside my heart. Of course, I had to watch all of them.


And I know, a lot of people detest the prequels and thinking back, I am glad that I have watched the best one of them first so I didn’t lose interest right away. And when I discovered the originals? My innocent eyes could not believe what was on the screen, I was so hooked. I devoured all of them, over and over again and although I am not the best at Star Wars lore or trivia, I know that these movies evoke emotions of happiness, excitement, entertainment, amusement and hopefulness in my geeky heart. I warned you, this is sappy. And because I am that cliché: I feel so lucky to have this franchise continuously bringing awe to my face and sweet moves to my hips. A level of excitement I thought I would never feel after the cinematic end of The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter (too cliché?). Okay, let’s get into this.

The first thing we see is Rey gasping – yes my neighbors could hear a loud GASP from me as well – and this beautiful, familiar music starts playing. It immediately takes you back to all the precious memories, makes you feel nostalgic and at home. And this is supported with a voice-over by Mark Hamill, telling me (actually Rey) to breathe but how can I, watching this trailer right now?! Rey then uses the force to make little rocks float and I’m all in. Show me the force action! But beware, a stab in your heart is only a blink away when Leia’s back is shown while Rey says the word “light”. This is a real tearjerker for me and I really love that they chose to stick with the script and not make any weird changes to the story because of Carrie Fisher’s passing (see The Independent, Vulture). She was an incredible woman whose legacy seems to be well honored in this movie.

And with the word “darkness” comes a shattered Kylo Ren mask on the floor. Does that mean there is a slight possibility for Ben’s redemption? I doubt it. But Rey mentions “balance” and we all know that Darth Vader was the one who restored the balance to the universe by escaping the dark side for one final act of light and history repeats itself. I do think that it would be a little disappointing to see them copy everything from the originals (The Force Awakens was basically a remake of A New Hope – oh yes, I just said that. Doesn’t make it any less of a brilliant movie). And then we see Rey, swinging away her lightsaber while Luke is watching over her and probably directing her just like Master Yoda did for him and I am all for that. Show me a 3-hour version of training units on Dagobah and I will pay good money to see it.

While the music gets louder and more epic, we can all celebrate the return of Finn (he needs some more bench time but he’ll recover and maybe have some neat cyborg features next time we see him in action) and Poe and BB-8, running away from (or towards) explosions. And then ladies and gentlemen, the Millennium Falcon. I don’t know about you but every time I see this beauty in the sky, I have to smile like the Cheshire Cat. A smile I lost as soon as I saw Kylo Ren and his messed-up lightsaber. I thought he would have fixed it by now. Guess who else seems to be “fixed”? R2-D2! Yes, he is back (back in time?) with Luke, looking over burning buildings while Captain Phasma steps through the remains. Let’s just hope she has a more relevant role to play this time. All of this is topped off with some glimpses of an epic space battle with all your favorite vehicles and at this point you just want to hug a Wookie for this beauty of a trailer.

Whatever warm feeling and anxious excitement I felt was instantly replaced with horror when I heard Luke say, “It’s time for the Jedi to end.” I don’t care if you are the greatest Jedi in the whole universe, you don’t get to say such a terrible sentence. Why is it time for them to end? (At this point it is rather clear that “Jedi” is used as a plural, right?) I get that he probably will never forgive himself for training Kylo Ren and letting him fall for the dark side but that doesn’t mean the Jedi should end. The universe needs the Jedi – and more importantly WE need the Jedi. Also, there’s no way with where this franchise is going right now, they’re just going to end the Jedi. It is a bittersweet ending to this trailer though and I like it.

I think it is rather clear that I am beyond excited for this movie and the trailer was, once again, masterfully put together. It included nostalgia, danger, excitement, drama and just enough of information to make you write a blog post about it but not spoil anything. How many days till Christmas?




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