New THE MUMMY trailer reaction

by Viki


Before I start talking about the new trailer for the up-coming The Mummy remake with Tom Cruise, I have to say: I am a huge fan of the first (and best) one of the franchise – 99’s The Mummy with the one and only Brendan Fraser (before he lost his hair). That being said, let’s talk about the glimpse we got of the 2017 version!

In the first few seconds of the trailer (or should I say montage of already existing franchises), there’s pure action: shouting, shooting, explosions. I mean, come on. This is not Mission Impossible! And it’s not Transformers either. What happened to the charming shoot-outs with O’Connell and Beni? Oh, that’s right. They were erased and buried with two terrible sequels.

The next thing we see: a female villain! I have to admit this is awesome and I wonder if she is best buds with Imhotep. How many monster mummies did the Egyptians create? Why not just kill them off, save the urns from all the creepy ceremonies? Do they all just hang out until somebody accidentally releases them?

And then we get the line, “This isn’t a tomb, it’s a prison.” Sound familiar? All I heard in my head was Boromir from The Fellowship of the Ring.


And speaking of tomb: The blonde chick (Annabelle Wallis) does sound a bit like Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider franchise. Oh, and let’s not forget the Russel Crowe voice over and sneak peek – he looks fine but irrelevant. But we also have Nick from New Girl! I like your face!

Let’s talk some more about the mummy. She looks pretty cool but reminds me a lot of the Enchantress from Suicide Squad. Plus, she has this aura of magic and supernatural power which she uses in her attempt to destroy the world – just like Cara Delevingne tried. She tried so hard, okay?

Aaand Tom Cruise is hanging from a plane. Again. He really likes to do that apparently. Wait, is this Mission Impossible after all? No, there’s the creepy chick from The Ring, we’re good. And she is bringing mice with her, which, if you ask me, are a downgrade from the terrifying flesh eating bugs that devoured all those poor men back in the 90s version. But everything in Hollywood screams bigger is better (especially with remakes) so they had to take it up a notch. Unfortunately, the trailer does rely a lot on jump scares and jump cuts. We get it, it’s supposed to be scary. I can only hope the finished product does a better job at that.

All in all, it seems like this remake is in the same lane as so many others: grabbing everything we know and that has proven to be successful and just put some well-known faces in there, add some explosions and voilá! Money! The truth is: No one can ever replace O’Connell with his wit, charm and flirty nature; or Evie’s incredible knowledge and sweet bemused spirit for me but I sure hope this movie is not going to be a shit fest. My estimation based on the trailer: Meh.



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